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Whether you are browsing this site in class for the benefit of your own wardrobe, or are searching for big/little gifts, The Greek Swap offers a cheap, cute, and easy marketplace to find all things Greek!

Whether it’s a shirt sitting in the back of your closet, big/little canvases you were just going to throw out, or anything else you have accumulated over the years, this is the place to turn all that into cash!

The Greek Swap was founded on the principle that all sisters can benefit from connectivity. This marketplace allows sisters around the country to buy and sell all things greek without having to navigate on an annoying Facebook page or make bothersome posts to an entire audience.

There is a lot to say here so we’ll list it out!
– Cool stuff for yourself! (duhh)
– Buy gear from your little’s home state!
– Save money when putting together your little’s basket!
– Make easy money selling all those things you were just going to leave in the chapter house!

The Greek Swap is in the process of adding a paid ambassador program.  The ambassador will gain valuable resume experience both marketing and sales while earning a percentage of each transaction the ambassador drives through the website.

If you are interested, please contact


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